Another year's Anime Central come and gone. It was fun, but it seems like it used to be more fun. Maybe because I used to go in more of a group environment?
Anyway, pics updated on the cosplay page. Pictures from Penguicon still pending.

I thought this was a pretty hilarious list. I'm supposed to bold all the ones that apply to me, but it's such a long list I'll just post the ones that apply:

* You might be a Lolita if you've considered wearing (or already do wear) bloomers with normal dresses for a little more "modesty".
* You might be a Lolita if you hate spending more than twenty bucks on a pair of pants, but feel no remorse for dropping upwards of $300 on an outfit you might wear three times.
* You might be Lolita if Pig Tails have no age limit...
* You might be a lolita if you use your paypal account more than your actual credit card.
* You might be Lolita if you get a box of chocolates and are more in love with the small golden ribbon bow than you are in the chocolate....not that the chocolate isn't delicious.
* You might be a lolita if you wrinkle your nose in distaste every time you see someone wearing crew socks with a skirt.
* You might be lolita if browsing for new lolita items is more important than your homework.
* You might be a lolita if you require help to get yourself dressed before most parties.
* You might be a lolita if you walk through a narrow hallway and knock everything of the shelves with your dress.
* You might be a Lolita if you always check the shape of your skirt when you walk next to a mirror.
* You might be a Lolita if you keep all the tags of your clothes, or collect bags of your favourite brands.
* You might be a lolita if you forget that the "Bible" to most people refers to the Judeo-Christian scriptures.
* You might be a lolita if you use the word "cutsew" to describe all clothing made of jersey-like material.
* You might be Lolita if you dream about or make up patterns for dresses in your sleep.
* You might be Lolita if the idea of a guy in a frilly dress in general isn't shocking to you.
* You might be Lolita if you're willing to pay 100+ $ for a totally random set of items in a sealed package. ... and you actually get upset, if you miss the chance.
* You might be Lolita if the word "Baby" makes you think of frilly dresses, not infants.
* You might be Lolita if you have more hair bows than the average eight-year-old.
* You might be Lolita if you see black and royal blue together and automatically think of MMM.
* You might be Lolita if you gnash your teeth in envy at a girl on the subway. She has an afro of naturally PERFECT ringlet curls and she isn't even wearing a bow in her hair!
* You might be Lolita if you know your measurements in both standard (American) and metric and freak out when your friends donít know theirs.
* You might be Lolita if you wish your boobs were smaller.
* You might be Lolita if going sock shopping excites you.
* You might be Lolita if you are buying used socks.
* You might be Lolita if you look through history books just to gawk at pictures of the dresses.
* You might be Lolita if you hate going store shopping for normal clothes, thinking you could just use that money to buy new rori!
* You might be Lolita if you hate when non Lolita clothes don't list their measurements on their websites because you don't remember what size you are in normal clothes and only know your measurements.
Uhh... I might be lolita.

So, I like clothes. But not clothes you buy at the mall. The department stores all carry the same things, stamped out endlessly in different cloth, hoping you won't notice or won't care I suppose.

I've ordered a few J-fashion knockoffs from a couple Chinese online stores with some success. One store sent things that were good quality but barely fit me, the other was just crap.

Browsing the internet, looking at pretty clothes pictures, I noticed that Metamorphose was doing a Special Set sale. A dress, necklace, bracelet, and socks for 13500 yen. This is way cheaper than this brand normally is. The catch was they had limited quantities and they started accepting orders at midnight (10 a.m.). So, I had my manager let me run home from work to submit an email at 10:00:09, and I got the dress and my color choice and everything!

I just got it a couple days ago. It shipped way faster than I expected. And it's GORGEOUS.

I love the embroidery, and even the eyelet lace at the hem has embroidery like eighth notes. It's lined, and the matching socks have music note embroidery too.

I want to make a matching headband. Maybe someone I know will let me use her embroidery machine to put music notes on that too. It's silly, but just putting that dress on made me feel happy.

On a similar note, my resolution this year, besides getting a real job and my own place, is to start playing my flute regularly again. I've gotten so bad, and it's a shame. It's going to take a lot of effort to get back where I used to be, but if I start out slow I can do it. Ganbare!

Whew. I spent the last couple months making my costume for this year's Youmacon. Pretty much didn't do anything but sew, sleep and work for the last month. At least it came out well. I won a Judge's Choice award with it. I added it to the cosplay page. I also updated with a couple new pictures of my Video Girl Ai costume.

Youmacon was fun this year. It was my first time actually staying in Troy for it, which made it feel more like a con for me than having to drive home each night. For only being three years old, it shows promise for turning into a real grown-up con in the coming years. I didn't find much loot I wanted, but I also didn't have much money to spend, so it works out.

Now that I'm done with crazy sewing time, it's back to job searches. Teardrop. It would be less depressing if it seemed less futile, and if the reward wasn't my very own hovel in Metro Detroit. I did actually interview to teach in Japan, and didn't get the job. I'm trying to find info on teaching in China now. I'm not sure how good of a teacher I'd really make, but it would be good for me.

At this year's Michigan Renaissance Festival, which I attended this past weekend, I decided to go as a pirate in my new piraty hat. It was also a good year not to have long trailing skirts, since it had rained every day last week.

Here is the picture we took upon arriving.
The bodice I wore was my emergency Silverleaf Renaissance Festival bodice, which I finished by binding the arm holes. It's reversable; I wore the inside salmon-color to Silverleaf. It took me three hours and a bucket of tears because of last minute notice. The blouse my mother actually found at a garage sale, and the pants I made last week. I screwed up the leg length, but fixed it so it couldn't really be noticed. Huzzah for matte black fabric. I'll take them apart later and fix them properly.

Also with me were my best friend Dave, his brother and sister-in-law, and my friend Mike (who sux0rz and doesn't wear garb). It was the Highland Fling weekend, so I got to watch old men throw trees, and that was fun. Dave's brother Chris told the joke, "You know why it's called a kilt? 'Cause we kilt the last guy who called it a skirt!" so much that his wife threatened him with beatings.

Disregarding the rain, it was a good time. I got a feather for my hat, some incense, honey sticks, and a green silk sash. We managed to scare some of the actors, and I got some ideas for new things to make. So, this year's rennying is a success.


Why do I always do this to myself?

I was invited to the Video Games Live concert next Friday, and I got the great idea, "I should make Gwendolyn's gown from Odin Sphere to wear to it!" Now, I have a week, a pile of fabric, a pattern, and a lot of angst.

I've decided to try to make in time, but not to expect it to really happen. I'll probably just wear my Xianghua costume if/when this falls through. It's too bad though, because I wore that to last year's concert.

Well, JAFAX was kinda 'meh' for me. There were only two events I was interested in on Saturday, and I ended up missing them both. Vendors and artists were neat, and at least it didn't cost anything to get in. Still, it's not exactly a short drive from Kalamazoo. Even though gas was a ridiculously low $2.75 there. What the heck. I get home and gas is still $3.10. I'm going to cry filling up today.

Here's the loot I got myself there. It's a purse, but also a plushie on a strap that you can carry in case you suddenly feel insecure and need a hug. I also bought the VHS of My Dear Marie and Barefoot Gen for a dollar each. Also, I got two new pictures of my Video Girl Ai costume, and added them to cosplay.

I've been having lots of random health problems lately, the most pressing at the moment being lots of jaw pain. Not sure what the problem is, and reluctant to pay a doctor to tell me she's not sure either. Bleah. How far are we from full prosthetics?

Yeah, yeah, I have a website. I know. Truth is, there's not much in my life worth pointing out right now. I'm working on that. Anyway, updated my cosplay page. I added new pictures to Relm and Moogle and added Video Girl Ai.

Besides looking for work, I've been occupying myself with playing Odin Sphere for PS2 and Ocha Ken no Heya DS. They're both pretty darn cute.

This weekend is JAFAX, an anime expo at GVSU. It'll be interesting to see how it runs this year, with the staff turnover it's gone through. I'll try to at least con some people into playing card games with me.

So yeah. I need a decent job, but I'm apparently going about it the wrong way, considering my complete lack of luck. Not sure what else to do besides hitting up Monster and Careerbuilder. I keep saying "I'll figure something out" but that's not going to hold up too much longer. Le sigh.

Added my Halloween costume to the cosplay page. I'm going to Youmacon in Troy this weekend, hopefully starting after work tomorrow. Should be fun, I'm hoping to win something in the masquerade. Other than that, no fun and games in Silverville lately. Now that I have a new shiny sewing machine and my friend's jedi costume is done, I'm going to try and make some more clothes.

Yay, I finally got around to making a cosplay page for the site. It's something I really intended from the start. Eventually I'll add a permanent link to it on the main page, but for now, it's all right here.

I want to update, but I can't really think of what to talk about. So I'll do what we all do, and rant about games.

Chibi Robo is seizure-inducingly cute, fun, and teaches kids that picking up trash and cleaning the floor with Dad's toothbrush will make people happy. The GameStop guys made fun of me when I bought it.
"The magazine said 'If you want to punish your kids, buy them this!'" they said. "You're stupid and have no appreciation of games that don't involve carnage," I said.
Which is frighteningly true around here. Most of the guys I see come through GameStop won't touch a game without words like "slaughter," "mutilate," or "blow-the-hell-up" on the cover. I don't know if that kind of overdeveloped machismo is a product of being raised in Detroit, but I don't think it helps.

Anyways, I was talking about Chibi Robo. He is indeed chibi, being only a couple inches tall, and that's enough to turn a two-story house into a whole world to explore. From what I've played of the game, the plot is nice, but not the point. The point is finding a way to climb, hover, or fall into every niche and nook you can see. It's about exploration, and I can get wrapped up for hours trying to find a way to a particular spot.
I also like the fact that finally there's a legitimate reason that a game's hero has to go around solving everybody's problems. He's programmed to. So whether human, animal, or toy, his job is to help out and make them happy.
And if you absolutely have to shoot things, there's occasionally cute little evil robot spiders you blow into scrap with your Chibi Blaster.

At this moment, the only thing in the world cuter than Chibi Robo is the Taiko no Tatsujin anime. It is so cute it makes bunnies and baby ducks commit seppuku out of shame.
Well, maybe not, but they could.

Yeah, I'm bored. So here's today's challenge! <3

Using the amazing Candybar Doll Maker I decided to play around with making dolls of what (I think) some #finalfighters look like. See if you can guess who's who!

Note the tell-tale smile. They didn't have any katana. Just one woman's opinion. :D Couldn't find a baby-eating option No comment.
Some artistic license was taken in making these likenesses. No #finalfighters were harmed in the making of this update. No offense intended, I love you all. If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, you probably took a wrong turn at the last website.

I'm a boy, dammit. Well, it's what he looks like in spirit.

I picked up a new used game last week, and I just had to make mention of it. For this game is none other than the legendary DDR Mario Mix. Yeah, I know, it's supposed to be re-released soon, but Twilight Princess is supposed to be out already, too. Forgive my skepticism.
I unlocked all the songs and minigames within two days by playing through the story mode a few times. I must say, the story really isn't any less ridiculous than when I played it in Japanese at the 1up office and we were filling in our own.
All I have to say is, "Toad: Dooty doot!"

Dooty doot.

Trying to wrap my brain around that has done a small amount of damage.

I picked up another neat little Nintendo-related toy, as well. It's small, annoyingly loud, and filled with delicious gummis. No, it's not a child, it's:

It was overpriced, but it had to be mine. It came in all three GameCube colors, so I picked up platinum, like my own GameCube. Of course.
When you push the start button, it makes Mario Kart: Double Dash intro sounds. It had very few gummis inside, but they were good, and it was kind of neat chewing on Mario and Luigi and Toad.
But not in a creepy way.
So now I just need to decide what to keep in the box now the candy is gone.


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