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Character: Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth

Fuu is one of those characters that I liked, but never really considered cosplaying as. I didn't know if she was a strong enough character to stand alone. I was finally convinced because a friend was willing to cosplay as Ferio. Unfortunately, that never happened, but I'm glad I made my costume. I was always upset that they gave the archer a bastard sword a little ways into the series, so I made the first version of her costume where she still has the bow and quiver.
The bow was made by a friend, and I painted it with the same paint I used on the armor pieces. The quiver is made from a pair of 2 liter pop bottles covered in pleather. The arrows are fletched with doll angel wings. I think it came out decently, but from this point on I've sworn off from cosplaying blondes.