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Character: Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere

If you haven't played this game, go play it. It's a gorgeous game for PS2, and I immediately loved the character designs of all the main characters. Sadly, every last one of them is some shade of blonde. I accounted for this with a good quality white wig and some white facepaint.

This was my first time making a fitted bodice and my first time working with such large quantities of fabric. It was two months of torture (for my friends who had to deal with me, though I wasn't happy either) but I'm mostly satisfied with how it turned out. I completed it some hours before Youmacon 2007.

I colored the feathers with Design Master spray paint, and the gown is made of the crepe side of crepe-backed satin. I'm wearing a bought crinoline to keep the shape. Thanks to Elemental for the lovely photos!