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All my life, I've loved to play dress up. When I was three I started getting sequin-studded costumes for my dance recitals. My mother bought me gowns at garage sales, and I had treasure chests bursting with plastic jewels. Then I started theatre and going to Renaissance Festival in junior high. Then all of this culminated in my discovery of anime, and its world of impractical clothing. First summer of college I went to my first anime convention, a little event known as JAFAX, and they informed us there would be a cosplay contest the next year. I spent the entire year working on that first costume off and on with my mother. I didn't really know how to use a sewing machine or read pattern instructions, but I could alter patterns and make some things without. I still wouldn't call myself a seamstress, but I've got an obsessive attention to detail and a lot of determination, which I think counts for a lot.
Costumes I want to do in the future include KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, Mercedes from Odin Sphere, Xianghua from Soul Calibur 4 and Princess Garnet from FF9.
Chai Xianghua
Soul Calibur II
Naomi Armitage
Armitage III
Fuu Hououji
Magic Knight Rayearth
Vampire Princess Miyu
Chai Xianghua
Soul Calibur
Final Fantasy
Relm Arrowny
and Setzer Gabbiani
Final Fantasy VI
Ai Amano
Video Girl Ai
Odin Sphere
Daisy (Lolita Style)
Super Mario Bros.
Ahiru and Fakir
Princess Tutu