Sharkey spent over 12 hours yesterday playing WoW.

In my opinion, the happiest place on earth doesn't have anything to do with a stuffed mouse. It's the Lark in the Morning San Francisco store. After a conversation with a man behind the counter of the Taiko Dojo, I learned that the beloved catalog I've ordered most of my flutes from has a retail store in this very city! We found it, slightly hidden, near Fisherman's Wharf.

I frolicked among the flutes, capered among the chimes, hopped around the harps, and ...well, passed out from exertion. I'm still kind of sick, you know. But it was still glorious.

There is a certain solid green jade flute that I've been coveting since early high school. I've never had the money to spend to obtain it, but yesterday I got to play it. Heaven. Sharkey just watched all this half bemusedly and half willing me not to drop anything.

I was honestly so overwhelmed it brought tears to my eyes. Besides the jade flutes I also tried some lovely Native American flutes, an Indian flute, a transverse Shakuhachi (so they called it), and a funny little reed instrument. It's about the size of a pencil, but it's loud enough I don't know where to practice it without people throwing rocks at me.

It was only nine dollars, and about the only thing I could afford. I plan to make a necklace/bag to keep it in, and play it around the Renaissance Festival and wherever else I feel like.

Dodging the rocks will be good practice, too.

Still jobless, but I submitted a bunch more resumes today. For one of the applications, I needed a writing sample, which I proceeded to write about the last game I finished, Slime Morimori Dragon Quest. I use the term "finished" loosely, as I'm still stuck on the last boss. I suspect this has less to do with the boss's difficulty and more to do with me sucking.

Tomorrow will be a long day of apartment viewing. With any luck, we'll find a place to live, and I'll find a job so I can afford to live there. Then maybe I could find some friends so I'm not so lonely. I tried wandering the anime stores in the Japantown mall today wearing my Atari shirt, but no one said, "Hey, you're a geek! I'm a geek too! Let's be friends!" so I guess it's back to the drawing board.


Well, I didn't get the internship at 1up. I'm pretty broken up about it, because I just don't know what else to do. I wish I knew what I want to be when I grow up. I don't know yet if I'll go back to Michigan or not. I really miss all my friends a lot, and I'm awfully homesick, but I don't know what I would do there either.

Sharkey bought me chocolate covered ginger. I guess to cheer me up. Candy doesn't help me find a purpose and a job, though. Or maybe it does, and I haven't tried enough yet?

And as for today, we invited the Internet over to play, but none of them have showed up yet, and they're an hour late.

This game sucks, I never win.

After much procrastinating I've managed to share some cute wishes from the Japantown Obon Festival.

I'm still practicing my decorative knotting, and I've made a few more things.

I finished off my necklace, somewhat botched a butterfly, and made two pretty dragonflies. I bought some small Chinese coins from Chinatown, so I'll try to work those into a design soon.

In other news, I've started down the path towards getting the pirate ending. With the rest of my internet "hearties," I've been playing Puzzle Pirates. The best part is I get to play on a crew with friends, so I avoid all the people named "hotgrrl234" and "sexiwantgirl." Puzzles are fun, pillaging is fun, but most importantly I'm well dressed.

Unfortunately this means people keep either hitting me up for money or trying to buy my hat. Scurvy dogs, I'll die for the honor of me hat. Also, every time I play I keep wanting to listen to the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean, go to a Renaissance Festival, and play 7th Sea again.


Towards the end of July, I am healthy and well-behaved. However, I still have a lot of free time on my hands, so I'm trying some new activities to keep myself out of Sharkey's hair while he writes. I splurged on a book on Chinese Knotting (not Chinese Naughty, as the guys apparently heard me say). After a little practice, I can make some things that are pretty, and not lumps of tangled cord.

That large knot is called a "Pan Chang," and is a lot more difficult than it looks. The blue beads are turquoise, and the donut bead is tiger eye.
Yay, I made a thing!

A website. Hmm. Now what do I do with it?
Well, this is the site where you raise a girl. I wonder what ending we'll get?